People of Wanstead vs. Dalco Developments Ltd

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The one thing that anyone who lives in Wanstead should cherish is the greenery.  There are a few local cafes, an antique shop, some charity shops, an art shop, a few newsagents, the George, an excellent local library, a Starbucks, Wanstead house (a place where you can see local dramatic productions) and the fabulous Naman (a restaurant that serves up Vietnamese food).  However, the real beauty of the place, is reflected by the green open spaces, which are well maintained and protected.  The people who live here/there should take Mr Sanger’s statements as motivation to action:

Sanger says; “The field is fenced off and isn’t benefiting anyone and hasn’t done for 15 years. It is a waste of land and we are trying to bring it back to the community.

What I say: It’s protected land… It doesn’t matter if it’s fenced off.  It doesn’t stop it looking beautiful.

Sanger says: “The council needs to rethink what they are talking about. There is no common sense in leaving it empty.  It is like leaving a broken down car in the street without removing it.”

What I say: This is a false analogy.  First of all, a broken down car does not make a place look nice, unlike a green space.  A broken down car in the street would also block the way for pedestrians, unlike a green space.  Comparing it to a broken down car, also makes light of the issue at hand; at least say that it is a valuable vintage car, with a huge value and heritage attached to it, which the local people would be sad to see go.

Sanger says: “What we are saying is lets get our head together and work something out”.

What I say: Okay.

Sanger says: “If they don’t want what we propose when we put in our application, we will go to appeal.

What I say: You don’t really want to please the community do you?  You basically said that you’d present your project to us and if we don’t like it, you’ll try and do it anyway.

Sanger says: “If worse comes to worse we will grow our own vegetables there. There are so many things that we can do there which will be an eyesore to local people.”

What I say: Are you threatening us or something?  Should we trust someone who is obviously unreasonable with green-belt land?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t develop the land, but we should try to preserve the green space.  Maybe have community beehives and plant lots of flowers?  That’s the kind of project that I think would fit well with Wanstead’s image and benefit the environment.  I don’t think arguments from people who dislike bees and have an irrational fear about the timid European honey bee attacking their pets and children, would mount a strong argument against this idea.  The cost is an issue, but I’m sure that the money can be found to fund it.

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One response to “People of Wanstead vs. Dalco Developments Ltd

  1. Athena

    The green is treasury and that’s why WW is my favorite peot bocz his work is all about tha nature. I hope this area would be preserved well as the Lake District. I am not a fan of Beatrice Porter but thanks to her to keep that area and those people who buy her books to supply the financial aid.

    The best corner of Greenwich truns into an ugly cafe and I had been told there was something dirty under the table. Well, a lovely old British museum in my area was taken by a large group and had been become a cafe a few years ago. Many locals went appeal and got the group away. So good luck! :)

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