Exciting electronic devices this year

I’m just going to list some of the devices that have intrigued me in 2012:

1) The new iPad/iPhone 5

I don’t speak in Apple.  In fact, the only Apple device I have ever owned is an iPod classic, but I think that the new iPad with the inclusion of 4G connectivity, is an exciting first step into the next stage of the mobile era.  By setting a high benchmark for the rest of the market, Apple has made the  The new Iphone also sports a larger screen which makes a lot more sense to me…

2) The Samsung Galaxy Note 2/Note 1

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 absolutely blows the Note 1 out of the water, the principle of a phone that measures 15.11cm x 8.5 is the real attraction behind buying a Note 1 or 2.  It makes me wonder at the weird evolution of mobiles.  They started out large, then it was fashionable for them to be small, then they needed to have keyboards, then touchscreens.  As a result, we needed larger phones again…

3) The Google Nexus 7 tablet

Premium everything for £200.  So good that I bought one.  Enough said.

4) Asus… everything they do…

Asus are a fantastic company.  Not as revolutionary as Microsoft or Apple, but I think currently producing some of the most exciting and varied products (and probably the greatest number).  For instance the Transformer Prime Asus EE Pad is, I think, the closest competitor to the iPad.  I’m being completely serious.  The Google Nexus 7 is the best tablet for your money, but the Transformer Prime Asus EE Pad is the high end luxury market competitor that I think offers the competition that the iPad needs, with high-end quad core graphics to boot.  Asus have even developed a tablet with a slide-out keyboard called the Asus Eee Pad Slider.  Asus also was entrusted with the making of Google’s first tablet; a powerful indicator of the big-player status Asus are building-up in the world of tablets.   Aesthetically, I think Asus succeeds where companies like Samsung tend to fail.  Keep watching this company!

5) Windows Surface

Finally, Windows has taken a bold leap into hardware and I couldn’t be more excited.  I think the gesture rich metro interface is fantastic (I would go so far to say that it is the best user interface for tablets) and the fact it won’t be held back by another hardware developers bloatware – though the desktop interface is included that reveals that the device has an inbuilt identity crisis (is it a netbook or a tablet?).  I like the tablet’s aesthetic features and think that it is a good start to Microsofts foray into the tablet and hardware market.  App wise they are way way way behind their competition.  Lacking 4G/3G  connectivity I’d say is a bad move for a company wishing to compete with Apple/ultrabooks.  However, I still think it is an impressive catch-up job by Microsoft.

6) The new Kindle Paperwhite

An E-ink Kindle that actually looks good…

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