My horizons are expanding…

Having too many interests is my downfall and my strength.  It has resulted in my blog being slightly fragmented in nature.  There are so many things that have happened in the past few months which I have not shared with my readership, but I will when I feel the urgency to express myself.

I cannot honestly say that I have “a dream or some great ambition”.   I actually have too many dreams to focus my efforts on one thing.  In the past few months alone, I have persuaded myself that learning Mandarin would be an interesting pursuit worthy of my time.  Uncharacteristically I’ve also decided that I can get good at hip-hop dancing.  I’ve started swimming again and going to the gym, where I am able to practice some of my dancing and workout in solitude.  The people in the gym keep saying “OOOHHHH, Michael Jackson” (I’m nowhere near that level yet, so it’s probably a big joke).

The reality of my current situation is that I’m getting to the stage in my life where I need to actually need to make some concrete decisions about my future.  I’ve never really had the idea of a dream job.  I wanted to become a newpaper editor in my early years, but since my childhood, I have come no close to my bread and butter.  My basic ambition is to do something valuable, exciting and cranially challenging.    Recently I’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in marketing.  It strikes me as the kind of career that requires a mind that can handle a wide range of information.  I’m not sure how talented I would be at marketing.  My plan is to take on some work experience or  internships that will allow me a chance to understand my place in the world.

Regarding the topic of further education, I am undecided.  I know that I want to learn more, but taking a Master’s degree requires one to have a burning interest in a particular subject.  I know that I can always try to get a job in London and work hard at both my career and education at the same time (part time Masters route), but perhaps I should just do a full time masters and concentrate on trying to get a distinction.  Well, I suppose this was a bit boring to read because it was entirely egocentric, but I am in an egotistical frame of mine…

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  1. Athena

    a good one :)

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